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Do you have a certificate for overhead diving(Cave or mine?)

Experience the Swedish Mine Diving at it’s best! Dive into the adventure of the mine drift system. We have a customized dive site for technical diving with facilities such as heating chamber, place where you can change, dive platform and filling station / cylinder bank with EAN 30. (There is a BIG level at 36m) We also offer air, nitrox, trimix, oxygen and argon.

There are more than seven kilometers line permanently installed in the mine and diving is available for all experience levels, whether you are an experienced cave divers or just getting started with it.

One can see old buildings, ladders, doors, mine carts – everything is perfectly preserved in the oxygen-poor environment. It is possible to dive all year round and the visibility is always over 30 meters!

If you want to dive in the mine and you are a technical diver, please register as a diver.

Do you have certificate for open water diving? Try mine diving!

For divers with at least Advanced Open Water certificates (or equivalent), you have the opportunity to dive in the open and illuminated parts of the mine’s water-filled part. Experience the mine’s crystal clear water and float weightlessly over remains after the mine’s operating time.

We transport your diving equipment on a lift while you yourself walk the 80 meters down to the water level, where we transport diving equipment on carts to the dive sites. You do a dive, warm up with food and hot drinks in a heated coffee room while the dive cylinders are filled with new gas before we move on to the next dive site and make a second dive there. At the end of the day, we pack the equipment again on the elevator and walk 80 meters up to the surface, an absolutely fantastic experience richer.

The diving always takes place with a guide at a maximum depth of 21 meters and never longer than 1 hour per dive. Since the temperature in the water is around 4-5 degrees, you have to be an experienced drysuit diver, as well as feeling comfortable diving in darker environments (like night diving).

The diving is quite demanding so you need to be convenient with your equipment to get the most out of the experience. Therefore, we require 25 dives after training. We do not offer rental of equipment on site, other than dive cylinders in some cases. However, we offer on-site gas filling in form of air or nitrox.

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